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Security Company

Who We Are?

We are a trusted security company with core set values – integrity, honesty, respect and partnership. These values are simple, unchanging and essential to the way we do business.

We provide a wide range of industry leading security services that are tailored and customized to meet our individual client’s needs.

Sens Security Services has been founded by leading security professionals who have had several years of experience in Security, Finance and Operations industries.




We do what we say and say what we do. By being honest we will create deeper and lasting bonds with our clients and staff. In dealing with us, our clients and staff will find us to be genuine, real and authentic.



In our business, we aim to provide quality services consistently. We are an organization that displays strong moral and ethical principles and values and aim to take a truthful and accurate account of our actions.



How we treat others is how we will get treated. These words form the crux of our organization. Respect for our clients and staff in any situation is paramount. We will respect our clients and form genuine relationships, which will in turn form a lasting partnership.


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Everything we do will be in partnership with our clients and staff. We will work together to make sure you are safe and secure. We will work together to make sure our staff are looked after at our clients’ sites and have the support that they need to fulfil their roles.


Deter and stop shoplifting in retail outlets.

First line of defence against all Retail crime.

Building management and concierge services to corporate clients.

Elite group of professionals providing complex security solutions to clients.

Provision of security services for all event management.

Centre security/Centre management, covering a wide range of shopping centre requirements.

Security management in construction sites.

Regular mobile patrols in Sens Security Services vehicles at designated client sites.

Provide security for venues such as pubs, clubs, and bars.

Provision of insights from data and risk assessments on clients’ sites, including progress reports from Sens Security Services.

Keeping close relationship with our clients to ensure that their ongoing needs are looked after.

Our Target Audience

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Shopping Centres
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Corporate Offices
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Retail Stores
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Distribution Centres
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Pubs, Bars and Clubs
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Construction Sites

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