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Corporate Security Guard Services

Corporate Security Officers who work in corporate office buildings and financial institutions are hired to guard corporate offices and protect employees and customers. These Security Officers are highly skilled and blend with the corporate culture of the client and are responsible for all types of security protection for clients.

Corporate Security

Sens Security Services pick professionals who have your corporate values at the forefront of their minds. We handpick and train these professionals who can provide value-add security solutions for your business.

Corporate Security Officers provide a wide range of services, and not limited to:

Guarding Entrances and Exits

these Security Officers are stationed at one position for their shifts. They will help staff in case of any questions. They are trained to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and report back to the Store/Client. They will provide intel reports on their findings.

Roving/Patrol Corporate Security Officers

these Security Officers will patrol the Corporate site inside, as well as outside to deter any unwanted behaviour from staff and public. These Officers will also do reports but will include any OHS issues in the site and hazards in their reports directly to Site management.

Respond to Company Alarms

these Security Officers are responsible to respond to alarms in the buildings.

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