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Maritime Security Guard Services in Melbourne

As an island nation, Australia heavily relies on maritime transport for its imports and exports. Thus, ensuring that the valuable supply chain remains uninterrupted and safe becomes critical.

The Australian Government has put several stringent maritime security legislation to safeguard the maritime transport system from threats such as terrorism, piracy or unlawful interference. However, for maximum safety, you need experienced maritime security guard services in Melbourne.

Maritime Security

Trusted Maritime Security Company in Melbourne

Sens Security specialises in maritime security services and offers a wide range of comprehensive maritime security services compliant with the Maritime Security regulations by the Australian Government.

At Sens Security, our security professionals are familiar with the maritime security industry and apply the most efficient methods to ensure maximum security for maritime transport.

Reliable and Comprehensive Maritime Security Services Melbourne

With our years of experience, we hold an excellent track record of providing personalised, reliable and comprehensive maritime security solutions to various industries such as:

  • Large Shipping Companies
  • Fisheries Companies
  • Off-shore Oil Rigs
  • Off-shore Energy Projects
  • Cruise Liners
  • Private Yachts

Experienced Maritime Security Company Melbourne

Sens Security ensures that our security professionals are strategically positioned and equipped with top-notch and high-end equipment to provide optimum security. Additionally, our highly skilled and trained personnel provide you with the proper guidance, assistance and services to safeguard our clients and their business interests.

Why Hire Sens Security For Port Security Services?

Sens Security has the right experience and expertise in providing port and maritime security services. We offer maritime security assessment, evaluation of threats and consultancy, ensuring you get complete peace of mind.

We conduct the following:

  • Evaluate Vessel Security & Threat Assessment
  • Prepare Emergency Preparedness and Strategy and Follow Proactive Procedures
  • Geographical Intelligence Evaluation

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