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Hire Retail Loss Prevention Security Officers

Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) play a big role in ensuring retail crime is kept to a minimum, or completely stopped.

They deter, apprehend, and stop shoplifters and professional crime syndicates by operating in plain clothes. According to a Vitag blog written on 12 June 2019, Australian retailers are losing close to $2.5b in retail crime alone. Our Retail Loss Prevention Officers will be trained to assist our clients in reducing their losses.

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At Sens Security Services, we hire and train some of the most experienced Retail Loss Prevention Officers in Victoria. They are qualified and experienced in a range of different operations throughout their careers. These are not limited to the following:

Door greeters

Will stand at the door providing customer assistance whilst detecting theft through profiling and working with Covert LPOs/Officers.

Covert operations

Plain clothes officers will enter and patrol your shop floor preventing and apprehending any offenders who are caught pilfering.

Surveillance operations

Well trained officers who are very experienced in a retail outlet and know recidivist offenders who are part of a crime syndicate targeting high value items. These officers will work closely with the local police to get the offenders arrested and charged.

Please fill in the form if you need Loss Prevention Officers for your business from Sens Security Services.

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