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Retail Security Guard Services

Retail Security Officers are an essential part of the retail business setup. Apart from protection of assets, Retail Security Officers also make staff members feel secure and safe with the presence of a Retail Security Officer.

Amidst the global pandemic, staff members experience an increased risk of physical and verbal abuse from customers. The Retail Security Officer defuses the situation and calms the situation before it gets out of hand.

Retail Security

According to a Vitag blog written on 12 June 2019, Australian retailers are losing close to $2.5b in retail crime alone. These numbers are quite startling, as this can make or break a business.

Retail Security Officers are the first line of defence against all retail crime, including but not limited to shoplifting, abuse (verbal and physical) and fraud.

Sens Security Service pick professionals who have your company/business values at the forefront of their minds. We handpick and train these professionals who can provide value-add security solutions for your business.

Some of the levels of Retail Security Officers offered by Sens Security Services are:

Retail Door Greeters

these Security Officers are stationed at one position for their shifts and will represent you in greeting your customers and doing bag checks at your request. They are trained to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and report back to the Store/Client. They will provide intel reports on their findings.

Roving/Patrol Guards

these Security Officers will patrol the site/store with more presence on the shop floor by going to each isle making sure customers are doing the right thing. These Officers will also do reports but will include any OHS issues in the store and hazards in their reports directly to staff and store management.

COVID 19 Marshals

In the current COVID climate, clients require COVID-19 Marshals who are responsible for ensuring all customers adhere to governance rules and regulations such as wearing masks, sanitizing hands, making sure QR codes are scanned or they have signed in the store register, as well as maintaining 1.5 metre distance between each other.

Retail Security Officers will work closely with store management teams to identify any offenders who come in and partner with the local police as well. They can help clients in opening and closing your retail outlets on your request.

Please fill in the form if you need Retail Security Officers for your business from Sens Security Services.

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