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Shopping Centre Security Guard Services in Melbourne

Shopping Centre Security involves partnering with a Shopping Centre Client to provide a holistic security service as per agreement. Sens Security Services will provide Shopping Centre Clients with a range of services such as, but not limited to:

Shopping Centr Security

Risk assessment of Shopping Centre security

involves taking security assessments of the end-to-end shopping centre, that includes Centre Management protocols, access controls, areas of exposure and partnering with the client on how to mitigate the gaps.

Regular patrols inside and outside the shopping centre

ensuring security guards patrol inside the shopping mall as well as outside to provide a safe environment for the public as well as shopping centre staff.

Experienced and trained Security Guards

who are maintain a vigilant presence to avoid any unwanted situation that impacts the Shopping Centre attending to any issues that need attention.

Partnering with the retail outlets at the shopping centre on security protocols

Security professionals will ensure that all retail outlets inside the shopping centre understand and adhere to security protocols outlined by the shopping centre.

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