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Security Guards for Movie Sets in Melbourne

Movie sets and studios are packed with the cast, crew, bystanders, and crazy fans. Wherever there’s a crowd, the possibilities of mishaps, thefts and vandalism increase manifold. Additionally, these sets have expensive shooting equipment, which is prone to theft, and cost the producers a fortune.

Address the safety and security concerns – hire our professional security guards for your film set or studio. Contact Sens Security today.

Film Set Security

Trained Security Guards Film Set in Melbourne

Sens Security was started by seasoned professionals with years of experience in this industry. Combining our skills and experience, we specialise in providing industry-specific security services for film sets and studios anywhere in Melbourne.

As with the construction sites, movie sets have several expensive equipment – from the camera to props and special effect equipment – these tools are easy targets for thieves. Our team of security guards patrol the whole set even after the shooting is over the day to ensure maximum protection of the equipment.

Security Guard Services To Protect Your Cast & Crew

It’s not possible to film the whole movie from the confines of four walls of a studio; at some point, it goes on the streets of real cities or towns. As the film goes to the streets, safety and security become a major concern. Our trained security guards will prevent unauthorised people from interrupting the shooting or creating a ruckus. Additionally, our security officers can limit access to specific people, allowing authorised people such as press representatives.

Affordable Security Services for Film/Movie Sets & TV Studio

Hiring security services for film, movie or TV sets from Sens Security offers you: 

  • Highly competent, trained and professional guards
  • Proactive approaches to emergencies 
  • Quick Responsiveness  
  • Work independently 
  • Comfortable working at any location
  • Discreet and confidential security at all times

Get an obligation-free quote for security guard hire and pricing. Call +61 466 830 689 or drop us an email.

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