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Current Climate

We are currently facing one of the worst medical and economic crises of the 21st Century with COVID-19. We all are struggling to come to terms with what lockdown means and it’s subsequent impact to the Security industry.

Covid-19 has brought Australia’s Economy to a halt, with small to medium-size enterprises suffering the brunt of the economic impact by shutting down to flatten the curve. The grievous economic impact, paired with inconsistent strategies across state borders, has caused tremendous confusion among the populous.

With that in mind, governments and businesses throughout Australia are trying to stop the spread by using Military, Police and Security to enforce Covid 19 safety protocols. In the new ways of post-Covid-19 life, various industries are required to adapt and function effectively whilst not impacting their bottom line and people’s lives.

We are in what one would call uncharted waters. Which means we are required to adapt or be left behind in the process.

Protocols and Contingency Plans

With Covid 19 at the forefront of minds for government bodies and businesses of all sizes, they implement their safety styles and operate a business while amidst a global pandemic.

Government bodies implement strategies such as hard international border shutdowns as well as approving state border closures by using the federal and state police with more patrols on these borders. Victoria has seen more lockdowns of its borders than any other state. It also has a high success rate in nullifying the virus than any other state in Australia.

Swift lockdown plans and deployment of Police and Security has helped in achieving this rate. In addition, businesses implementing Covid 19 Protocols will use Security Officers and Security Guards to curb the transmission rate in their companies. For example, supermarket chains, smaller grocery stores and fruit and vegetable stores use QR codes.

This is where you scan the code given by the store representative on your mobile device, and it lets the Health Authorities know precisely where you have been just in case you contract Covid 19. Therefore, this process makes it easier for health authorities to identify more cases in the future too.

Security Response During Covid 19

These are unchartered times and on some occasions our responses have been trial and error. At Sens Security, we view our role very seriously and are part to be part of the recovery of Victoria. We take our responsibility very seriously to ensure that all our workers and customers alike are protected and adhering to Government guidelines and rules.

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